Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tales From The Tomb

Ah Yes More Eerie Publications 
But Some Nice Art This Time.
The Crazy, Wonderful Cover Is By Bill Alexander 
and the Story "Satan's Curse" is by 
Argentinian Artist Domingo Mandrafina. 
From Tales From The Tomb November 1973. 


Space Cat

Here's one weird book. 
Space Cat on Mushrooms.
Apparently there was a 
Series of Space Cat Books!

Thanks to James for this one!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Black Sabbath

From Charlton Comics Horror Monsters Magazine A Black Sabbath Filmbook. Black Sabbath is a classic Mario Bava film starring Boris Karloff. I saw it as a kid and the first segment "A Drop Of Water" really creeped me out. It's still great today and Bava was a genius! This one is a must see!

And Here's a Clip

Frankenstein Movieguide pt. 2

Heres part 2 of the Frankenstein Movie Guide From Castle Of Frankenstein Magazine. I included the cover by Larry Ivie as well!

The Fabulous Misfit!

Here's another nice Emil Gershwin Story 
from Adventures into the Unknown #97. 
And as a 2 for 1 special a very nice 
John Rosenberger story from 
the same issue story as well!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Corpse By Computer

Doug Wildey Creator Of Johnny Quest! Designer Of The Herculoids, Jana Of The Jungle, Godzilla, Return to the Planet Of the Apes animated series and a damn fine comic book artist as this story will show!

The Ace Of Space

A Very Toth-like Sci Fi Story By Ross Andru and Mike Esposito 
From Thrilling Worlds #7 in 1953

Legend Of The Clock

John Buscema was a masterful artist! This story from Forbidden Worlds
 in 1959 shows how wonderful his art was even that early on.
 This looks like some of the work he was doing for Marvel 
in the late 60's. The linework and brushwork here are amazing.