Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Lonely Dead

More Charlton Greatness From 
Ghost Manor #6 Published
In 1972. Art By Joe Staton,
Pete Morisi and Sanho Kim.



  1. A great Charlton comic, all winners here. In Echo of the Last War Whoop I did a quick Google search to find out the Kiowa Tribe is a real tribe, not a tribe made up for the story. Who says comic books aren't educational?

    The Swamp Rat was an interesting take on out of body phenomena. Well written and well drawn.

    Concerning Sanho Kim's art in The Lonely Dead, Kim's drawing of Mr. Bones reminds me of the unique style of horror imagery that is now so recognizable from Japanese Anime or Manga. as far as the story itself, it seemed to end a bit weakly. We never find out if Letitia was unhappy being in the group, was it her husband that coaxed her to join the group, if she planned her husband's accident, etc. A good tale that needed a page to wrap things up.

    The last page of the beckoning phantom was well drawn and fit in well with Charlton horror.

    Last but not least is the one page story Wanda the Witch. With a little bit of rewrite here and there it could have been turned into tale featuring Winnie the Witch acting as entertainment for the witch party.

    Great Charlton fun from start to finish.

  2. It should have been a Winnie the Witch story!
    Sanho Kim's art is an acquired taste for me.
    I didn't like his work back in the 70's but I enjoy it now same with other artists like Jerry Grandenetti and Jack Sparling. A great Charlton book I agree.