Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Building That Came To Life

A funky story from Boris Karloff's 
Tales of Mystery 15 Drawn by 
Reed Crandall.This issue is
 from 1966 so Reed was also 
working for Warren at the 
time doing classic stories 
for the Creepy and Eerie mags!

The Secret Of The Mountain

Al Williamson and Angelo Torres here 
with a nice underwater sci-fi story from 
Alarming Adventures #3

Saturday, March 30, 2013


From Freakout #2 Warren Publications 
rock/teen magazine, an interesting 
article on the Beatles after the death 
of manager Brian Epstein.


A great Gray Morrow Story from
Chilling Adventures in Sorcery 3. 
Looks like Gray used 
Barbara Steele as the 
model for the female lead
 in this story.

Frankenstein TV Movie Guide 3

More Frankenstein TV Guide from Castle of Frankenstein #8. 
COF was the best monster mag back in the day. I discovered
a lot of cool movies from this guide like Carnival of Souls.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Attack Of The Monsters

From 1969 Gamera The Giant Flying Turtle, friend of all Children and all around great Monster, dukes it out against Guiron the blade headed reptile or whatever he is.
Give it a chance it's a lot of fun!

Terror Creatures From The Grave

More Italian Photonovel fun. Here's an adaptation of  Terror Creatures From The Grave starring the Great Barbara Steele from the magazine Malia. I have more of these unfortunately all are incomplete but still nice to look at.