Monday, February 3, 2014

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers: Bruno Premiani

Giordano Bruno Premiani was born in Italy in 1907. As a young man his invested his artistic talent into becoming a political cartoonist the anti-Mussolini bent of work caused him to be expelled from his homeland. In 1930 he emigrated to Argentina and in the 1940’s worked on "Patoruzito Classics", an Argentine equivalent to “Classics Illustrated”. Once again his anti-fascist inclinations made him persona non grata, this time with the Juan PerĂ³n regime. In 1948 he left for the US and found work with two publishers; Prize and more importantly DC. DC provided the majority of his employment and Bruno worked on strips like Pow Wow Smith, Cave Carson and Tomahawk. He is perhaps best remembered as the artist and co-creator of the Silver Age series, The Doom Patrol.

Here is a job done in the summer of 1949 for YOUNG LOVE issue 4.



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