Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Heroine Addiction : Miss Victory

Holyoke Publishing added their own entry in the field of lady crimefighters with the publication of  CAPTAIN FEARLESS #1 (Aug 1941).  Joan Wayne (gotta love that name) worked as a clerk in the US War Department, a position that lead her to hot info on Axis spies and saboteurs. Surreptitiously she would slip on a patriotic, albeit scanty outfit, to do battle with America’s enemies as Miss Victory. Holyoke never bothered to explain how she acquired her extraordinary abilities, but readers clearly saw that she had superhuman strength and near invulnerability. 

CAPTAIN FEARLESS was short lived magazine, but soon Miss Victory was a regular feature in the sister title CAPTAIN AERO COMICS. Many of her early adventures were drawn by Charles Quinlan including this one.

When Quinlan started focusing on his Catman strip, Miss Victory was passed onto a group of lesser known talents. Eventually though the art was being done by Nina Albright, thus allowing a female superhero character to be guided by a feminine hand. Here is an example by Albright. In that this material was published during World War 2, I beg your forgiveness about the racist and stereotypical presentation of the Japanese characters. 



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