Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hearts And Flowers

Going Through Some Comic Book Scans Today I Was Very Surprised To Find That Harry Lucey Had Done 
Work Outside Of Archie Comics In 
The 70's. And For Atlas-Seaboard!
So Here's A Very Cool Story 
From "Vicki" Published In 1975.


  1. Actually, this entire Atlas series was nothing but retouched and renamed reprints from Tower Comics' TIPPY TEEN series of the mid-sixties where Lucey and other Archie regulars moonlighted for Editor Samm Schwartz who left JUGHEAD to head the new company. After it failed, he returned to Archie but was "punished" for some time.

  2. That's some very interesting information. I have an issue of Tippy Teen but didn't see that story. I do remember DC retouching some Dobie Gillis stories for their Binky comics in the 70's. And thank you for commenting. I really enjoy and recommend all your blogs. The Geeks Journal 1974 and 1976 blog's were amazing.