Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Heroine Addiction : Tomboy

Okay folks, strap in… today’s post is a long one. The subject is a backup strip that ran in the Sterling Comics book CAPTAIN FLASH. That title only ran for 4 issues in 1954-55, but little Janie Jackson saw action in all four. Tomboy was never given an origin but here is her introductory episode from issue 1.

The art on that story was done by the wonderful, dynamic and underrated cartoonist Mort Meskin. In her only pre-Code adventure she is really kicking ass and I like to think of her as the psychotronic godmother to Hit-Girl.

Her remaining 3 adventures were delineated by artist Edvard Moritz. His style is a bit more sedate than Meskin’s but with the specter of the CCA overhanging, perhaps that was needed. 

All in all, this was quite an entertaining strip and it’s too bad it has such a short lifespan.


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