Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Heroine Addiction : The Veiled Avenger

The Chesler company published four episodes of a heroine called the Veiled Avenger. By day she was Ginny Spears, a secretary in the offices of the district attorney. This job gave her the opportunity to gather inside info of the investigation of vile criminals, then at night she donned her costume and took matters into her own hands.

Her fighting outfit was remarkable inappropriate for the job at hand. It was a smart, stylish skirt/blouse/vest combo with a wide brimmed hat and veil. It was kind of red variation of the garb worn by Lady Luck over at Quality. Besides the impracticality of the skirt she made things even more difficult by wearing heels! But she was grim and steadfast in her actions, aided by her mad skills with a bullwhip. This gal played rough.

In keeping with my latter comment, these comics were exceedingly brutal. Here is her first adventure from SPOTLIGHT COMICS #1. I ask you to take note of panels 2 & 3 of page two.

Damn. ol’ Pops met his maker via ‘death by ice pick’. Holy Trotsky! I hope you don’t find little Skippy too annoying, because the kid was a regular.

The following issue brought her sophomore tale. This one ups the carnage ante with 3 deaths in 3 pages, in particular the ‘knife in the neck’ panel on three.

Her third story is the most sedate of the four, yet it’s still pretty extreme in it’s depiction of her strangulation on page four.

The last yarn is the most notorious, as a panel was used in “Seduction Of The Innocent”. It’s the body silhouette though the negligee on page three, although the one on the first page is just as revealing. However I thought the most upsetting image is the one found in panel 1 of page six. “That’s the last bullet you’ll ever swallow, Trigger!” Dear God!

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