Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Police Blotter : James Wayburn Hall

Today I’m submitting a tome culled from the pages of Fox Publishing’s luridly titled magazine, MURDER INCORPORATED. It’s a story of robbery and vicious, serial murder as perpetrated by the patently stupid sociopath, Jim Hall.

The artwork is credited to A. C. Hollingsworth, which surprises me a bit. This job is a lot cruder than other work that I’ve seen by him. A. C. worked for numerous publishers in the Golden Age, like Fox, Holyoke, Avon, Fawcett and several more. He stands alongside Matt Baker as being one of the few African-American cartoonists to work in the industry in those days. Here is another Crime job Hollingsworth did for an issue of JUSTICE TRAPS THE GUILTY.


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