Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cartoonists Make Better Lovers : Harry Lucey

As the 1940’s blended into the 50’s and while other publishers tried to diversify their product lines, MLJ took a different route. Their ‘golden goose’ was Archie and the company focused upon producing product either using the “Riverdale universe” of characters or with humor product of a similar nature. It’s hard to argue this strategy seeing as the company, now known as Archie Comics, is still thriving today by maintaining this approach. But they did dabble with other genres upon occasion and one was Romance. From 1949 through 1952 they published a pair of titles called DARLING LOVE and DARLING ROMANCE.

Newly returned MLJ veteran, Harry Lucey was given a few assignments for these titles. Today I’m exhibiting his work from DARLING LOVE #8.

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