Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ghostly Tales

It's Time For More "Ghostly
Tales' From Charlton Comics
And Here's Three Stories From
Issue 100 With Art By Tom
Sutton, Steve Ditko, Nick Cuti 
And San Ho Kim


  1. I remember San Ho Kim's story The Last Kamikaze.

    I remember most of all was the image of a skull shedding a tear on page 5. It is not something you easily forget.

    When I was a kid I just thought of the image of a skeleton shedding a tear as an extra detail that the artist added to the story, something that Charlton artists sometimes did to give their illustrations a bit of added depth. Now that I am older I realize the poignancy of that image, the sorrow and grief still felt by the Japanese all those years later for the loved ones lost, who went to war and never came back, of the loss, the waste of lives, the futility and uselessness of it all. Back in 1972 there was the feeling by many of the futility of the Vietnam War, I don't know if this story was to apply to World War 2 or the Vietnam War, or maybe both in its own way.
    Even all these years after reading this story I still remember it.
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. The Charlton people seemed to have the freedom to improvise and try out all sorts of interesting artistic ideas within their horror framework. At the time I remember buying the Marvel and DC's comics a lot more but Charlton really was a unique and important company.

    You know I was never a big fan of San Ho Kim but this was an interesting and touching story and I also really like the Ditko ventriloquist dummy story a lotl. Ditko really did some of his best work for Charlton especially in the early days.

    And of course Tom Sutton was a genius...

  3. Doesn't the Sutton story looked as if it's inked by someone else, possibly Wayne Howard? The brushwork doesn't look like the usual Sutton line.

  4. Tom Sutton experimented with various inking techniques throughout his career so I think he probably inked the story.