Friday, August 28, 2015


Here's Another Cool Issue
of Ghostly Haunts With
Art By Steve Ditko, Pat
Boyette And Wayne Howard
And As Usual Hosted By The
Great Winnie The Witch!


  1. Great comics! In the first story, 'Invitation', Winnie the Witch was drawn in every page, and three times in each page from 2 through 8, which was rarely done in other stories.

    In Winnie Witch's Mail, Joel Prentz asked why she wasn't drawn in a swimsuit, I guess his wish for comic characters appearing in swimsuits was 20-30 years too soon, though Winnie would make a neat pin up.

    As always, thanks for the great posts.

  2. I think Ditko really enjoyed drawing Winnie as evidenced by all the cool Winnie art throughout the story. Yeah a Winnie bikini pinup would be nice....

  3. BTW Pat Boyette is credited as the artist on the first story?
    He must have been doing the greatest Steve Ditko imitation ever.