Monday, August 10, 2015


From Baron Weirwulf's Haunted 
Library More Great Charlton Horror 
Classics From Issue #61. Art By 
Pete Morisi, Tom Sutton, 
Pat Boyette And Frank Bolle.



  1. Three great stories three great artists, three wins for readers of this site! Whoever wrote the last tale did some research on the subject, instead of cheating (making up pagan days of celebration) the writer mentioned actual days honored by pagans (I had to look up the days on google to verify that).
    The last page was a nice homage to great writers of horror. Sadly, with Ray Bradbury's passing, he has joined Poe and Lovecraft in the world beyond, but like the two masters of horror, his work will live on forever.

    1. I've had no luck researching the writer of the last story. It could be Tom Sutton himself or possible Nick Cuti either way fantastic art by Sutton on that classic...