Monday, August 3, 2015


From 1978 We Bring You
Trio Of Classic Horror Tales From Charlton's Monster Hunters #13 
With Art And Story By Joe Staton, 
Joe Gill and Steve Ditko!



  1. Great stuff from Charlton, I regret not finding Monster Hunters too often in my youthful comic buying days, in this issue they turned out a great comic. The first tale was very good, though the artist used his artistic license to spice up the manta Ray in the story.

    I liked the top panel page three "How do you like my Devil Ray Supreme?" "Delicious. Very fitting revenge." Now that is what I call revenge as a dish best served hot, not cold.

    Bonus, two Winnie the Witch tales. An all around winner of an issue.

    1. I remember buying a couple of issues of Monster Hunters at the local convenient store back in the 70's. Buying books off the comic book spinner rack back then was an interesting experience in that I found it hard to ever find two consecutive monthly issues of any titles ever so there were always gaps in my collection. There were plenty of stores and newsstands to buy comics though, unlike today...and they were cheap!

  2. If you are interested, I found a youtube post where three Charlton comics experts discuss Charlton and its output. One of their comments, that Charlton was geared towards the occasional comics buyer or the comics buyer who bought on the spur of the moment more or less described myself when I was buying comics.
    Here is the post-

    The one thing I really liked about Charlton comics, especially the horror comics, was the fact it had complete stories in each comic, so there as no need to go searching for missing chapters in a horror comics story, especially since I didn't always have the time or money to buy comics.

    Once again, thank you for All of your posts, AI V
    They are well appreciated.

  3. Nice video thanks. Youtube has so much great content! I think my friend went to that convention.

    Yes I agree about the spur of the moment comic book purchases. I did that a lot too. Comics were cheap entertainment back then, now much more of a hobby. But I always hated missing issues and it happened all the time. I would buy a Warren Horror magazine (Creepy or Eerie) or a Marvel Horror mag and love it. Then I wouldn't see another issue for months. Then I would see them selling the back issues I missed in the magazine for more money plus postage. Of course this was before comic shops came along and thats were i got most of the issues I missed.

    Charlton to me was the alternative to Warren, Marvel and DC.
    I always loved the horror stories and when I saw a good issue I would grab it. Later I would buy their superhero books like E-man. I was able to get back issues of Blue Beetle and Captain Atom too and loved those as well especially the Ditko issues.