Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Witch Of Shadow Glen

From 1954 Here's Some Classic 
Pre-Code Horror From Avon's 
'Witchcraft' #5 With Art By 
Gene Fawcette,  A.C. Hollingsworth,  Everett Raymond Kinstler 
And A Nice Cover By Kelly Freas!


  1. These sere some great 50's horror comics, I really liked the Zombie one.
    The story stayed faithful to the legends of zombies as the mindless walking dead instead of the Hollywood version of flesh eating corpses.

  2. I prefer the old school style Zombie movie too even though I think 'Night Of The Living Dead' is a classic. There's also a pretty cool 1970's movie called 'The Zombies Of Sugar Hill' that mixes the classic Zombie with the blaxploitation genre.

  3. I saw Zombies of Sugar Hill on TV many years ago, it was a great flick.

  4. You are a true horror aficionado my friend!