Friday, August 21, 2015

Jump To Danger

Werewolf Was One Of The
Three 'Monster' Superheroes Titles
Published By Dell Comics In
The 60's Even Though He Is
More Of  Super Spy Than
Superhero And Not Really A
Monster At All. Art By 
Fraccio And Tallarico.


  1. This would have made a great spy movie in the sixties, or it could be turned into a spy spoof today a la austin Powers. "Codename- Werewolf" the story of Uncle Sam's strangest secret agent.

    Even as a pulp fiction story it would have been a great page turner.

  2. I really enjoy all those old 60's spy movies. The Dean Martin 'Matt Helm' series was great fun. I could see old Dino as the 'Werewolf' character
    except he would be drinking a lot of booze and hitting on the ladies a lot.

  3. This is some crazy whacked out stuff. I cannot imagine a kid with twelve cents in their pocket buying this over an issue of Fantastic Four.

  4. Agree about the Matt Helm movies, and many of the Sixties spy movies. A great era for that genre. The Robert Rodriguez "Spy Kids" movies may have been kiddie fare but they captured much of that same flavor.

  5. What happened to me was that if the drugstore didn't have an issue of the FF or some Warren magazines then I might possibly buy one of these Dell superhero comics.,,and I probably did. I know I bought one of the Dracula issue!!