Friday, August 7, 2015

Horror Monsters

From 1964 Here's Another Classic 
Horror Mag 'Horror Monsters' 
Published By Charlton With Nice
 Articles On 'House On Haunted Hill', 'Mothra', 'The Black' Sleep And 
Other Classic Horror 
And Sci-Fi Movies!


  1. Monster Madness! I loved it!
    They did make a few errors describing House on Haunted Hill, but that didn't detract from the horror fun of this magazine.
    The Devil's Messenger was three stories from 13 Demon Street, both can be seen on youtube. The Devil's Partner would have made a neat episode on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  2. I saw the movie The Devils Messenger on video years ago. It was pretty weird. They shot new footage of Chaney for the film version.
    I also remember an old Famous Monsters cover and story on The Devils Messenger back in the 60's.

    I believe the Show 13 Demon Street was filmed in Sweden and Curt Siodmak, writer of The Wolfman, was involved in the production.
    Now that its on Youtube I might have to check it out.