Friday, December 4, 2015

Curiosity Killed The Cat

With Excellent Art By Mike Zeck,
Pat Boyette And Steve Ditko
Here Is Baron 'Weirwulf's 
Haunted Library' #60 Published
By The Great Charlton Comics.


  1. Three nice Charlton tales, I recall reading the first one though I don't recall this comic, maybe they printed it in another comic.

    Now that I am older i appreciate Charlton horror comics more than when I was a kid, the different artists ran the spectrum from scratchy line drawings to highly detailed illustrations and everything in between, something I didn't see too often in DC or Marvel horror comics.

  2. Yes these were all reprint stories. All excellent stories by great artists and writers. Marvel did have some good horror magazines as did Warren Publications back in the 70's but I think Charlton held their own and topped them on many occasions.