Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Surgeon Must Also Die

It's Time For More Charlton
Horror With Issue # 74 Of
Ghostly Tales With Art
By Tony Tallarico, Vince
Alascia, Hector Castellon
And Sanho Kim.


  1. A trio of Charlton Chillers, In "The House of Spiders" the narrator is drawn much more sinister than I had ever seen him in Charlton before. Each artist drew the narrators and characters as they liked of course, but in the last tale the narrator seemed drawn more like a demon than a mysterious host. That was the Charm of Charlton, you never knew what you would find between the covers of their horror comics.

  2. All enjoyable and fun horror tales by the gang at Charlton. It's too bad that Charlton destroyed a lot of the original art on these stories because I would have loved to see a hardback collection of these classic horror tales!