Monday, December 14, 2015

Fear Stalker

From Dracula Lives #4 Here's
Some Classic 1970's Horror 
By The  Interesting Art Team 
Of Mike Ploog And Ernie Chua 
On 'Fear Stalker'. Script By
Marv Wolfman.


  1. "Lugosi showed my fearsomeness--Carradine my nobility--and Lee my strength." It was nice for Carradine to be looked upon favorably in his portrayal of the Count, even if he did star in movies where the production standards had declined from Hollywood's horror heyday (House of Dracula and House of Frankenstein)
    I can only imagine the count's reaction to his portrayal in "Love at First Bite" or Al Adamson's "Dracula vs Frankenstein" where both monsters portrayals hit an all time low.

    I recall a version of this tale in House of Secrets or House of Mystery, where a washed up actor is given a chance to portray a vampire for a town's celebration. In the story the actor as the vampire is chased all over town and collapses at the sight of the rising sun. The story has a nasty surprise at the end which I won't spoil for you.

    1. I liked Carradine as Dracula. I even liked him in all the Al Adamson 'classics' like 'Blood of Dracula's Castle' and 'Blood Of Ghastly Horror'. Al Adamson is one of my all time favorite B-movie directors.

      I'm gonna be looking for that issue of House Of Secrets or House of Mystery. I would love to post that story.

  2. Followup- I found the story on another blog.

    It was titled "Act III Eternity" from House of Secrets vol 16 #108 June 1973 with Abel as the narrator. Story George Kashdan art Jess Jodloman.