Sunday, December 20, 2015

You Can Never Tell

From 'Adventures Into The
Unknown' #107 Here's
'You Can Never Tell' With 
Inks By Al Williamson
And Pencils By Marvin Stein.


  1. Jethro should have taken as much treasure as he could carry back to his house and then go back for more until he had it all.

    If I found a suit like that the LAST thing I would do is let it out of my sight for even a minute, how about you?

  2. I totally agree. I would have grabbed as much loot as I could before I even took off the suit. And I also wouldn't have told Grenda about it either!

    A fun story!

  3. Where did the Marvin Stein attribution come from? It's obviously not pure Williamson but I'm not sure I could identify Stein as the pencil artist.

  4. According to GCD its either Stein or Angelo Torres and it doesn't look like Angelo Torres' pencils to me.