Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Eye Of Beauty

Here's Some Gothic Horror
From Issue #7 Of Haunted Love
Published By Charlton Comics.
Art By Sanho Kim, Pat Boyette
And Enrique Nieto.


  1. Enrique Nieto, I recall first seeing his artwork many years ago in the following story-


    I remember his art after all these years because of his use of vertical lines used as shadows, to depict depth and a glow. I can't recall another artist using the technique the same way Nieto did.

    Enrique Nieto was one of may under appreciated artists from Charlton.

    All of these tales were enjoyable, though they were more romance than horror, which isn't a bad thing.

  2. Nieto is a very good artist who's work I was never really familiar with until I started posting this tales. I now enjoy his work very much.