Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Phantom That Never Was

Some Nautical Horror From
Issue #9 Of 'Ghosts' With 
'The Phantom That Never Was'
 Art By Bob Brown And 
Frank McLaughlin.

And From The Same Issue 
'The Last Ride Of Rosie And
The Wrecker'. Art By Alfredo Alacala.



  1. Truth is stranger than fiction, here is a web posting concerning the first story, - http://www.ghostshipsoftheworld.com/2011/10/palatine-light-curse-of-princess.html

    I couldn't find anything on the web concerning the second story, but strange things have been known to happen in wartime so I wouldn't say the second story isn't based on some story or legend.

  2. This is an amazing find by you. Thank you for locating the web posting.