Sunday, January 3, 2016

Well, Hello, Dolly

It's Time Again For Some
'Ghostly Haunts' From Charlton
Comics With Three Horror Classics
From Issue #37. Art By Pete Morisi, 
Steve Ditko And Fred Himes!



  1. Great Charlton fun!
    I always liked Pete Morisi's work in Charlton, his art had a combination of 90% realism with about 10% cartoon blended in creating an style all his own.

    The Fred Himes story was good too since any tale featuring Winnie is bound to be a winner.

    The Ditko story was fun and almost believable. While finding large lizards underground is unlikely, there are still mysteries waiting to be discovered in the caverns below, such as the Movile Cave in Romania with its poisonous atmosphere and strange insect population found nowhere else on earth.

    Again, this was a great find!

    1. Morisi is an interesting artist. While I like his work he used a bit too much 'reference art' which make his work look a bit stiff (in my opinion) but I think this was one of his better stories.

      More Charlton to come....