Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Black Spectre

More Classic Tales Of The 
Supernatural From Ripley's 
Believe It Or Not With 
Art By Win Mortimer, 
Joe Orlando And 
Luis Dominguez.



  1. This was a great comic to read, the ghost stories were fun and the chuckle pages were funny.

    In the story The Phantom in White, I had heard about the loss of the Usk in some 50's comic I had seen online (sadly I can't recall where I had seen it.)

    Thanks to the internet, I found the story of the Usk from a digital copy of a newspaper dated 1864 - -

    I decided not to look up the other ghost stories as I am a bit reluctant to tempt fate or angry spirits.

    Also, I learned from the comic that there are freshwater sponges, who says comics aren't educational?


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    2. Interesting story. These Ripleys books are very interesting and sort of freaky at the same time. I remember reading one issue back the 60's that sort of scared me. I will have to look around for it. I also love the corny jokes I use them all the time with friends and usually get laughs!