Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Never Walk On a Grave

It's Winnie Wednesday Again
So Here's Another Tale 
From The Ghost Manor 
Never Walk On A Grave
From Issue #61. 
Art By Joe Staton.



  1. A Neat tale made extra special with Winnie as narrator.

    I really like these Winnie Wednesdays.

    1. Oh yeah these Winnie Wednesdays are a blast! Joe Staton drew a nice Winnie The Witch too!!

  2. You know, looking at his Charlton work, I can't help but notice that most Joe Staton women are as uber-sexed as the average Richard Corben female.

    Or nearly so...

  3. Staton's women are great! His rendition of Winnie The Witch is perfect. Station also drew Countess Von Bludd for Scary Tales.

    Corben women are amazing as well.

  4. Upon reflection, I think an even better comparison would be with Rand Holmes, an artist I initially confused with Corben when I was a young kid looking through my older brother's issues of ALLIEN WORLDS and TWISTED TALES.

  5. Rand Holme's art reminded me more of Wally Wood's art than Richard Corben.