Monday, January 9, 2017

When Icy Fingers Clutch

Published By Ace Comics In
1954 Here's Issue 26 Of 
The Beyond With Art From
 Lou Cameron, Ken Rice, 
Sy Gudko And Louis Zansky. 



  1. "Sacre Bleu! I hope it is not the drink that did this"
    a little black humor snuck in a horror tale.

    It was interesting seeing the different artistic styles in this comic, from scratchy to loose to stiff, each artist added their own bit of charm to each tale.

    Thanks for this post.

  2. I'm sort of enjoying these books from Ace. Ken Rice, Lou Cameron, Jim McLaughlin and Louis Zansky were artists who I was not familiar with before I started this blog but I am big fans of now.

    When the Horror comics backlash in 1954 resulted in the comics code and the Horror books were eliminated most of these artists left the industry therefore I had never heard of or seen any examples of their work before.

  3. Here's a Wiki page on Horror Comics.