Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shock Ending

For Winnie Wednesday
Here's Some Rock And
Roll Horror Shock Ending
With Art By Sururi Gumen
And Script By Joe Gill
From Issue # 46 Of 
Ghostly Haunts.


  1. I love how both brothers die--but not actually by each other's hands. That's kind of unique actually.

  2. I never thought of that but you are right. I enjoyed the Shock-rock angle of the story too.
    This book was published in 1975 so it fitting for that era.

  3. A little info on the artist Sururi Gumen

  4. And I thought I had a bad relationship with MY brother!

    Sururi Gumen did a real nice version of Winnie, and his work in this comic has a nice look to it.

    As always, thanks for the Winnie Wednesdays.