Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Possessed

Since It's Winnie Wednesday 
Again Here's Another 
Charlton Classic From 
Ghostly Haunts #44
The Possessed With 
Art By Fred Himes.



  1. Beatrice, you tricky cougar you!
    I kind of like that Dodd seemed to be somewhat happy at the end of the tale--even though Beatrice basically tricked him into marriage and even after death wouldn't let him see other women, at least now she really could remain beautiful in his eyes--and maybe even others.

  2. This was another fun Charlton story! Totally underrated horror, sci-fi and fantasy comics. It would be so cool if they made an anthology film with some of these classic tales hosted by the great Winnie.

  3. Speaking of Cougars, Fred Himes drew Winnie with a hint of Cougar in her face, maybe Beatrice shared a secret or two with our favorite Blue skinned narrator?

    Reading the section Witch's Mail made me feel a touch of melancholy since Charlton closed its doors so many years ago. It is sad that so many decades have passed since their closing and the characters have been in limbo so long.
    I was never a hard core comics fan back then nor am I one now, so I don't know if anyone has created any new Charlton horror tales or if Winnie has narrated any new stories since 1986. I'm no artist so I couldn't try my hand at recreating Winnie, I wonder if there would be enough interest in doing a Kickstarter fund to bring back Winnie from the comics catacombs.

  4. I don't think she has hosted any books since 1986. I really enjoyed Fred Himes art on this story. He drew a great Winnie.

    Isn't there a fanzine called The Charlton Arrow? Not sure if they are doing new stories or not. Don't know if Winnie's character in the public domain either.

    It would be nice to see a new book with Winnie hosting.

    Maybe on day I'll try my hand at a Winnie drawing and if it's good I will post it.