Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Here's An Interesting Tale
Superhero From Issue #32
Of Eerie With Art By Tom
Sutton From 1970. Script
By Steve Skeates.



  1. A vampire vigilante, now there's a new twist.

    On page five upper right panel as Crime Crusher is beating up the crook while explaining how good and evil don't mix he sounded like Ditko's Mr.A.

    What happens when the criminal supply runs out?
    Well, either A) Crime Crusher moves on to a new city or new country infested with crooks or B) the police commissioner publicly states that Crime Crusher suffers from hemophilia and needs blood transfusions, and any citizen who wants to help their city's crime fighting hero is welcome to donate for a worthy cause. Who says Crime Crusher has to drink it fresh? Bottled won't do him no harm.

  2. Its an interesting story about vigilantism. I don't think they ever did a follow up which is a shame. And I don't think you'll ever run out of criminals anyway.

    Now Ditko's Mr. A was also an interesting character. I'll have to dig up some old Charlton Question stories.

    Another great art job by Tom Sutton on this tale.

    1. I agree with you. He should have teamed up with Vampirella or something.

  3. Oh I loved this angle! I didn't even see the plot twist of Crime Crusher being a vampire coming, I just figured he was a little too violent and dedicated to his job.
    I loved Ollie's "High caliber" pun a lot, and the introduction by our host is very entertaining. I love how they easily poke fun at the superhero trope too--Gothom City, Commissioner Gorman--nice nods to Batman there. Also I loved the "Crash" sound effect used in the second panel of page 11 for the Crimson Crusher to say his line.

  4. It was an interesting and different angle to the superhero genre. Definitely a different kind of "Batman". The art by Tom Sutton reminds Me of early Mad magazine spoofs of Superhero comics.