Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Mysterious Molemen

More Tales From  ACG's
Unknown Worlds #14
With Art By Pete Costanza,
John Forte, Dick Beck And
Ed Hamilton. Published In 1961.


  1. On page 7 featuring the ads I wondered if the flashing eyes trick still existed or ho wit might have worked, it turns out it is still available, though the effect is not as astounding as featured in the ad.

    The effect starts at the 23 second mark.

  2. Fun stuff. I wonder if they still sell those old X-Ray Specs?

  3. These tales are fun--I like the friendly molemen who know exactly what kind of person Harry is from the get go, but give him the benefit of doubt anyway. Of course, Harry failed their test.

    The Curious Cup is pretty neat--of course they had to put Hitler in there as one of the cursed children--didn't they? ;)

    The last tale is adorable--a friendly mummy wandering around New York City as a tourist and helps a touring family have a good time in return thanks to their son's unknowing act of kindness.