Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Heroine Addiction Madame Satan

In my first MHA posting I wrote “I intend for this to be an ongoing examination of strips featuring female protagonists”. Well that’s not exactly true. I really meant it but this time , the devil made me change my mind and I’m exploring Madame Satan. This was a rare strip where the title character is the antagonist, not the protagonist!

This feature ran for six issues in MLJ’s PEP COMICS and was the co-creation of writer Abner Sundell and artist Harry Lucey. In the first story the devil is looking down to Earth from Bald Mountain and says “Look below you my imps of Hades! See that castle! A new member shall soon step forth to join our band – Madame Satan!” He is observing the evil Tyra as she’s about to fulfill a despicable plan. She has poisoned her future in-laws and intends to kill their son after the wedding, thereby inheriting their vast wealth. She nearly completes the deed, but her fiancée learns of her foul work and confronts her. This leads to…

For the rest of the series she battles the forces of decency and good to do her fetid master’s bidding. Here is a two-parter.


This grim and horrific serial ran in issues 16 through 21 of PEP COMICS. The following issue it was replaced by a new, more wholesome series called Archie.


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