Monday, April 2, 2018

Tales Of Horror

Published In 1953 Here's
Issue #7 Of Tales Of Horror
With A Couple Of Early
Jack Sparling Tales. 



  1. Was 'The Beast From the Deep' an homage/knock off/rip off of The Beast from 20,000 fathoms? Both this comic and the movie came out in 1953.

    Sadly, the coloring was waaaayyy off on this comic, and people rag on Charlton for bad printing. Then again, what could you expect for a dime, fade resistant ink on acid free paper?

    Still great comics fun from the fifties, bad printing or not. Thanks as always for the post!

  2. 'The Beast From 60,000 fathoms' was loosely based on a Ray Bradbury tale. Great early effects by Ray Harryhausen as well.

    The colors were rough on this book. Age probably took its took on the book as well. The two examples of Sparling art were quite nice.