Monday, March 15, 2021

Midnight And His Pals

 Art By Paul Gustavson On Midnight From Issue #35 Of Smash Comics




  1. This looks and feels like a knockoff of The Spirit. I wonder if Eisner sued for copyright infringement.

  2. From Wikipedia:

    With writer-artist Will Eisner retaining rights to the masked-detective character the Spirit, Quality Comics publisher "Busy" Arnold, who published the comic-book version of this newspaper character, desired a hedge in case Eisner were killed or incapacitated during World War II. Arnold directed Jack Cole to create a similar character, which became Midnight.[2] Midnight debuted in Smash Comics #18 (cover-dated Jan. 1941).[2] The character became popular enough to become the cover feature with Smash Comics #28 (Nov. 1941), a position he would hold for nearly eight years until the title's cancellation with issue #85 (Oct. 1949).[