Sunday, October 11, 2015

Eye Of The Beholder

From "Forbidden Tales Of
The Dark Mansion' Here's A
Trio Of Terror Tales With
Art By Howard Chaykin,
Tony De Zuniga, Win Mortimer,
Jack Sparling And Bill Draut!


  1. In "Eye of the Beholder" you can't help but feel sorry for Elana, always the bridesmaid never the bride.

    In "The Royal Right" the story could have ended a bit differently; if one of the Duke's subjects bought a firearm and offered its first use to the Duke- by shooting him, making the Duke the first victim of a newly minted hitman.

    Great tales all!

    1. The first story was strange but I liked it. I enjoyed the art combo of Chaykin and DeZinga.

      I have always loved the art of Win Mortimer and he did a nice job on "The Immortality Thieves"'

      I like your idea for the third story. The art by Bill Draut was nice on 'The Royal Right' but unless the colorist missed something the Vampire girl was in daylight on the second page.