Monday, October 12, 2015

Spaceship of The Dead

More Sinister Sci-Fi 
From Issue #4 Of Avon's
"Space Detective' From 1952.
Art By Gene Fawcette 
And Gerald McCann!


  1. The great thing about these space stories was when they were published nothing seemed impossible in the realm of outer space.

    Flying to other planets, finding inhabited worlds, meeting and dealing with aliens, it all seemed not only possible but within man's grasp in a century's time or less.

    The difficulties and realities of space travel has dimmed the romance of spaceflight, much the same way that the romance of manned flight went from 'nothing was impossible' to common every day occurrence and limitations (no blimps to serve as flying aircraft carriers, no hotels in the clouds, etc).

    These comics serve as a reminder of the thrill of the possibility of space and space adventure.

  2. That was very well written.

    Whenever I read or watch some old Sci-fi I find it funny when
    they sometimes say things like 'In 1985' when we colonized Mars' or something along those lines. It seems corny now but it was so cool.

    I really miss those old days of optimism...