Wednesday, October 28, 2015


More Swampy Horror This
Time From Charlton's Monster
Hunters With "Frogman"! Art
By The Great Steve Ditko!



  1. Ditko never fails to deliver. As usual, the know-it-all scientist didn't worry about worse case scenarios, or how much fame would be his if he simply took froggy to the nearest TV station or university and let the word see that man sized frogs exist. He could at a later date experiment on the oversized amphibian with all the help and modern equipment at his disposal.

    A great tale, any way you read it. Sort of like a fifties horror B flick.

    1. Yes this story does have a 1950's or 60's feel to it kinda of like the movie 'The Alligator People' or even 'Curse of The Swamp Creature'!

  2. word=world, sorry for the typo.