Friday, October 2, 2015

The Black Hood Versus Needlenoodle

You Know They Just Don't
Make Comics Like This Anymore
(Or Maybe They Do And I Just 
Haven't Seen Them). But Anyway 
Here's Another Classic Golden Age Superhero 'The Black Hood' And In 
This Story He Meets Needlenoodle! 
Art By Irv Novick!


  1. Now theres a switch, a superhero who gives up being a costumed hero to become a detective. Rarely did masked heroes reveal their secret identities to anyone, let alone to the public.

    The commisioner looks a bit like the police chief from The Spirit comics. Needlenoodle is either the first original Conehead or an early ancestor of Zippy the Pinhead. As you said, they don't write and draw them like that anymore.

  2. Yeah I thought about Zippy The Pinhead but not the Coneheads. Maybe he's from France?