Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Treasure

Here's Another Cool
Issue Of 'Baron Weirwulf's
Haunted Library' With A 
Great Tom Sutton Story 
And More From Steve Ditko 
And Don Newton!



  1. One of the reasons I loved Charlton so much was the fact that you could see the artwork of several different artists each with their own unique style all in one comic book.

    The stories were always a good read and sometimes Charlton's writers would turn out a real gem, and hen just the right artist fleshed out the tale with their artwork, it would be a true masterpiece.

    Many knocked Charlton back then, but they always delivered an above average product, horror wise at least (Horror comics were the only ones I bought from Charlton so I can't say how their other comics fared.)

  2. Charlton definitely had a style to their books especially since Joe Gill and Nick Cuti wrote a lot of their Horror stories. The artists were always fun and I think Tom Sutton, Steve Ditko, Joe Staton, Dick Giordano and Don Newton actually did some great work for them! A lot of creators got their start at Charlton so it was kind of a testing ground for new talent too.

    Of course Marvel and DC had the best talent and distribution and paid better as well but good old Charlton comics did the horror comics just as good as the big two, or even better at times.

  3. Why don't you show more real comic books? You know, the ones with superheroes in them?