Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Hybrid Man

Some Interesting 'Ghostly
Tales" In Issue #162 With 
One Of My Favorite Tom Sutton 
Stories and More Great Art 
From Steve Ditko And Frank Bolle!



  1. Another Charlton great.

    In 'The Hybrid Man', number 36 reminded me of Frankenstein’s creation, though Tom Sutton drew number 36 in such a way as to avoid copyright infringement. Number 36 also reminded me of the creature locked up in a closet from the movie "The Thing that Wouldn't Die", a bunch of parts sewn together that wasn't meant to be anything but something for the mad doctor to experiment on.

    Its always a treat to see Charlton horrors!

  2. The Brain That Couldn't Die is a great Creature Feature Classic movie and thats why I like this story so much it reminds me of an old Creature Feature! Tom Sutton was a great artist too!