Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Nice Place To Die

More Charlton Horror From
Issue #75 Of Ghost Manor
With Art By Mike Vosburg,
Pat Boyette , Tony Tallarico
And Special Guest Star
Winnie The Witch
Hosting The First Story!


  1. Three neat stories.
    In the first one top of page one, we may have the best possible pin up pose featuring Winnie the Witch, though Winnie drawn on pages three, seven and eight would make decent enough pinups of Charlton's favorite witch.

    Old Gypsy seems to be a one shot narrator. I don't recall seeing her in any other Charlton tale.

  2. Mike Vosburg drew a great Winnie The Witch.
    He worked on a few stories for Charlton and they were all very nice. I looked for more appearances of the Gypsy Woman but couldn't find any so it seems like this was her one shot at Charlton fame. Nice art by Pat Boyette on the story too.