Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Treasure Of Bad Luck Point

Here's Issue #47 Of ACG's
Unknown Worlds With Art
 By Two Great Comic Book 
Artists Johnny Craig And 
Al Williamson From 1966. 
The Williamson Story 
'The Ansco Case'
Is A Reprint I Believe.


  1. Thanks for the upload, Unfortunately, I think there's a page missing from the first tale after the third page it seems to skip ahead a bit.

    1. Uploaded the first story again. Should be complete.

  2. There still looks like an abrupt skip between the escaped prisoners taking on their jailers to suddenly being on a pirate ship with a treasure. Maybe it's just me...

  3. Actually I look at the numbering and the actual book has missing pages 4 and 5. Maybe the weren't scanned?

  4. Ah, that's why--I thought so. Sorry for sounding so pushy. I just want to make sure everyone enjoys the comics too in one piece.

  5. Well, missing pages or no missing pages, I appreciate your effort at putting this one up. You are correct about the second tale being a reprint. It was originally in AITU #96. It was originally titled "A Recurring Nightmare" --at least when the contents of the issue are listed. However the story itself doesn't actually have a title and is merely shown to be part of the "Annals of the Occult" feature frequently used in the AITU series.

    I will admit that that final story does make up for those missing pages of the first one. That splash page of the T-rex riding a rocket is beautiful and that ending is hilarious!
    Also, Craig Peterson was a perfect jerk! Thanks for eating him, T-rex!

  6. I will look around in my collection for that issue of Unknown Worlds. I might have it and I would actually like to read the finished product. I loved the art by Johnny Craig.