Friday, November 18, 2016

Night Of The Wanderer

It's Time Once Again To
Visit The Ghost Manor For
More Tales Of Horror And
Suspense. Art In This Issue
By Steve Ditko, Tom Sutton
And Pete Morisi.


  1. Ditko turned out some real masterpieces for Charlton.

    Maybe I am wrong remembering this, but I seem to recall from the first page of 'Tonight I'll Dream of You' the creature saying "Gugar want food! Gugar need food! AAARRGGHH" adding to the menace of the story.

    Pete Morisi always did unique work, I wonder if he ever drew pin ups.

    Tom Sutton's work had a looseness to it but could express action real well.

    Another Charlton Champion issue. Thanks!

  2. Ditko And Sutton Did Great work for Charlton. I was never able to find all these books on the stands back when they came out so it's much fun to read them now.

    Morisi was a golden age comic book artist like Ditko as he started working in comics in the the late 1940's. He was also a New York police officer!

    Here's a nice article on Morisi.