Saturday, November 26, 2016

Peril South of The Border

Back With More Unknown
Worlds From ACG With 
Art By Paul Reiman, Steve Ditko 
And Sal Trapani From Issue #54.
Published In 1967. 

Looks Like Dr Strange 
Makes A Cameo Appearance
In This Story....


  1. Thanks, the last tale is a reprint from Forbidden Worlds #47 originally entitled "The Invisible Men!"
    I think the first tale may be missing a page or two--but I don't really care. To be honest, John Force Magic Agent stories don't do much for me. They are very topical--even more so than Magic Man--which are at least fun. These are kind of heavy handed--although Pancho and Dolores are pretty awesome and should have had their own series if you ask me.

    The second tale I've read before. It's kind of cute that through undeath, our protagonist finally gets to "live" out the adventurous life he never had when he was alive.

    The third tale doesn't really do much for me either. Ghost criminals or no ghost criminals, I doubt that Harry would have lived through his operation anyway...

  2. The Dtiko story was fun and another football tale from ACG!