Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lunar Rendezvous

Now More Classic Sci-Fi From
Issue #6 Of Space Adventures
With Art By Charlton
All-Stars Steve Ditko,
Pat Boyette, Vince Colletta,
Vince Alascia, Sam Glanzman,
Moe Marcus And Charles Nicholas.

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  1. Visually this is quite nice, even Mr. Alascia who I don't usually like on this sort of thing.* But story-wise a lot of these stories have just a set-up and a climax with almost nonexistent development in between. Assuming Joe Gill wrote these, they read like he wrote them first thing in the morning before he fully woke up. The Ditko one is the best so maybe he had had his first cup of coffee at that point. No offense to Mr. Gill in general because my knee-jerk dismissal of Charlton ghost comics & such has really changed after seeing comics posted by you and other bloggers. Maybe I should be laying the blame on the sheer number of stories and therefore the limited number of pages for each, though conversely it's to see all the different art styles here.

    *In my limited opinion, Mr. Alascia--with or without Charles Nicholas--did a better job on romance comics. And that is not intended as any sort of slam by any means.