Friday, November 25, 2016

Cult Of The Vampire

2 Cool Stories And Some
Great Art By Jesse Santos
From Issue #25 of The Occult
Files of Dr. Specter Published 
By Gold Key In 1973.



  1. Both stories are quite nice twists on the vampire legend, especially the first with the vampire wanting to repent and give up his lust for blood. I do love that garlic destroying part. "How can garlic affect me when there is no garlic? Hah hah hah!"

    The second tale has a nice twist to it--you can kind of guess what kind of customer wants that coffin, but the twist of there being a fugitive on the loose and unwittingly becoming a house warming present for Dracula is pretty good. Also, that coffin maker is a badass.

  2. I remember reading this one as a youngster and I appreciate rereading it again. As glowworm2 mentioned the vampire wanting to give up evil and repent was a new idea in vampire stories.

    I remember the second story but I couldn't remember where I had seen it. Won't Dracula be surprised when he opens the lid and sees his unexpected bonus, a boxed lunch you might say.

    I recall reading a reprint of a story similar to this, I think Ditko was the artist- it was a story of an armed thief fleeing the law who enters a shop that has only one room. In desperation the thief pulls aside a curtain and finds a door, the owner tells the thief not to go through the door but he does anyway. The door locks behind him but there is another door on the opposite side of the room so he goes through that door, which locks behind him, and he goes through another door and on and on and on. The thief is trapped in the rooms without end for an entire year to pay for his crimes. I'm just sorry I can't recall the mane of the tale.

    1. mane should have been name, sorry for the typo.

  3. Oh that Ditko story you mentioned sounds amazing! Was it a Charlton tale or for some other publisher?

    Scripts on these excellent Dr. Spektor stories by Don Glut...

    1. I don't think it was Charlton, it was a reprint form a fifties horror comic but I just can't recall which one.