Friday, November 18, 2016

Elm City's The Dullest Place

Published In 1960 Here's 
The Second Issue of ACG's 
Unknown Worlds With 
Art By Ogden Whitney,
Ed Moritz And Bill Walsh.
Nice Caricatures of The 
Artist's And Writers Too!


  1. Ah yes, thanks a bunch. I remember the main stories due to seeing them once on comicbookplus before they were taken down. (about 29 issues were up on there a few years ago) I'm not really into the text stories, but now I read them anyway--that one was cute.
    Since this was one of the earlier issues of this series, all the stories in it are original--no repeats, and extra bits were put in there too, such as the text tales and the one page stories on occult happenings.

    Anyhow, all the main stories are very good. The first story has a good ending in which Ed gains something for his blood clot trouble worth far better than that goldigger Hazel. If only blood clots in the brain could produce such marvelous results in the real world, then again with my crazy dreams, I'm glad they don't.

    The second tale is amusing. You'd think that since Ferdinand never used an alias--at least until he posed as a spaceman that the world would catch on to him. Finding out that what he pretended to be actually existed was a rather unique twist to this tale.

    The witch tale is kind of cute with an amusing punchline at the end of it. I wonder if Andy will still marry "Laura" now that he knows she's actually an evil witch from centuries back.

  2. The Masquerader made me think of the TV show 'The Pretender'.

    An extra twist to the twist ending in 'Strange Things Happen in Salem' would be if Andy is a descendant of an infamous warlock. Talk about a match made in you-know-where.

  3. The first story was hilarious. I always loved Ogden Whitney's great art. I sort of guessed the ending but still really enjoyed it!