Monday, November 28, 2016

Haunt Of The Howling Head

More Weird, Spooky And 
Supernatural Horror Comics 
From Ace With Issue #27
Of Beyond. Art By Lou Cameron,
Jim McGlauglin And Sy Grudko


  1. These were some cleverly written stories.

    Haunt of the Howling Dead showed the heads using a well thought out plan to catch up with Kip Hunter, revive headless corpses, attach themselves to the bodies and wear clothing to blend in with the populace.

    Catastrophe Inc. would have made an interesting anthology story with Mr. Rees sending objects to various people, famous or otherwise, similar to the Twilight Zone story "What You Need"

    1. The first story was an interesting concept but quite bizarre too. I enjoyed it!

      Speaking of Twilight Zone here's an interesting anthology film narrated by Rod Serling 'Encounter With The Unknown'