Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Haunted Brush

Some Interesting Tales In
From Issue #53 Of ACG's
Unknown Worlds With Art
By Sal Trapani And Bob Jenny.



  1. Unknown Worlds sometimes turned out wacky, out of left field stories such as 'Ghost Girls Don't Play Football'. The parent company of Unknown Worlds did turn out Herbie comics, so off the wall tales seem to be par the course for this comic publisher.

    1. The wacky ones are sometimes the best ones because they are creative takes on traditional tales that haven't been done before from that angle. "Ghost Girls Don't Play Football" is a winner in my opinion.

  2. That Frankenstein Football story was pretty strange and cool. Yeah ACG published some interesting and offbeat tales. I believe the publisher Richard Hughes wrote many of the scripts under pseudonyms.

  3. Thanks once more. The second tale is a reprint of a tale from Forbidden Worlds #48 originally entitled "Peter Plastic"
    The first tale is interesting enough with Satan scoring himself a new soul without having to make any pacts in the first place.
    The second tale is rather silly--Peter may be a threat but still watching a tiny electrically charged toy wreck havoc is more amusing than terrifying to me.
    That third story was one that interested me right off the bat due to its title--I've really wanted to read this one ever since I heard of it because it sounded downright adorable. It is pretty darn cute with splashes of a previous story from this series involving a ghostly (male) football player from the past aiming to lead his team to victory through his own supernatural means as well. It also reminds me a bit of the adorable Forbidden Worlds tale you posted called "The Girl From Bald Mountain" in which Amelia the witch helps out a mortal she falls in love with.

  4. Well if Richard Hughes actually wrote much of the ACG tales under pseudonyms I image some plots or ideas might have been recycled throughout the years. Still the stories were fun and thats whats important.