Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jesse Marsh

Jesse Marsh's Tarzan comics have always been favorites of mine. His loose, beautiful style is perfect for these great stories. Kind of the like Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four, Frazetta's Conan covers, Basil Gogo's Famous Monsters covers, Wally Wood's EC Sci-Fi stories or Al Williamson's Flash Gordon books among others. While you might look at these stories and find the art not as polished maybe as some of the other artists mentioned therein likes the 
beauty and greatness of Jesse Marsh.
From Dell Giant 25 Tarzan's Jungle World.

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  1. Amigo, you know of my respect and love for Marsh's art. One of my top five cartoonists; unlike Russ Manning's Tarzan, Marsh's breathed, sweated, and looked as part of the jungle. (Don't get me wrong, I loved RM on Magnus Robot Fighter, I just thought he was all wrong of Tarzan). Marsh toiled in relative obscurity and little is known about his life. But I adore his art, and his Tarzan comics are some of my all time favorites..